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Welcome to Igbere Progressive Association International, Incorporation. Home of Igbere  Community in diaspora.

Here, you will learn about Igbere Sons and Daughters around the World and what they are doing to enhance the progress of Igbere Community.

About Us.

Igbere Progressive Association International, Incorporation. (IPAI, Inc.) originated from Igbere Welfare Union, an Association of Igbere sons and daughters in diaspora founded in 2005, was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2007. As an organization, our mission revolves around a continued sustenance of our enviable cultural heritage as Igbere people, and a determination to harness every elements of modem community development at our disposal for the development of our people. Accordingly, IPAI Inc. over the years has sponsored various projects directly beneficial to the Igbere community. Our notable targeted activities included various financial partnerships towards the recent upgrade and sustenance of the Igbere Health Center. The Association continues to donate needed medical services and supplies to the Health Center. Each year, the Association funds numerous educational scholarships to Igbere sons and daughters, recently mounted much needed Street signs all over Igbere to enable better directional paths. Our effort also revolves around promoting charitable, educational and scientific activities, to develop and operate community-based services for Igbere people. The Association will use methods consistent with the organization’s non-profit, charitable, educational and scientific purpose as the directors may advise from time to time, all for securing for the people, the same basic rights as all other citizens of the world.

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We believe all humans owe it to themselves, to volunteer for Community service, and
to define their future by making a difference through donation of their individual resources and Talents.

"Impact your world"

                                                                - Eke Okoro


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To promote unity and solidarity among all members.

To encourage, and support the development and progress of the community.

Work towards better quality of life in Igbere and the community or residence,

by providing such amenities like healthcare, potable water, electricity, roads,

scholarships, sports, etc.

Promote cooperation and respect amongst members of the


Promote welfare of the members and support each other when conditions

and events call for such support.

                                    - IPAI, Inc

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The love that unites us becomes a force for good to advance and excel our Community.

                       IPAI, Inc

Find out more ways you can make a positive impact in your Community

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